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Car Maintenance Myths – Cash 4 Cars Perth WA

There are plenty of car maintenance myths, and some do get you heading to your car owner’s manual for your manufacturer’s recommendations. Cash For Cars Perth WA offers the following tips for car maintenance that are indeed myths.

Car Maintenance Myths 

Transmission Fluid


Some say that the transmission should be serviced, and the fluid changed every 50K miles. The myth in this is that most cars do not need their transmissions serviced and fluid changed every 50K miles. Many cars are designed for their transmissions to last much longer; however, it is necessary to check your owner’s manual for your manufacturer’s recommendations and follow those recommendations.


Air Conditioning


One myth of using the air conditioner as opposed to opening the windows on a hot day better results in better gas mileage is a myth. Running the air conditioner most often reduces the fuel efficiency of a car.


Premium Fuel


There are many experts and enthusiasts out there that say that premium fuel is better for your car. This could be a possible myth. As premium fuels typically have more additives that are to help the engine, cheaper fuel does not hurt the car.




While there are some drivers out there that believe that driving a dirty car reduces wind resistance which in turn gets them better gas mileage, it is more likely a way to justify not washing the car as there are no facts that one will get better gas mileage.




The time you fill your tank will take your car further on the gas. Myth! When it is hot outside, the gas expands, but that does not mean that you will go further if you fill up your tank when it is hot or cold out.


There are plenty of myths out there about caring for your car. However, that doesn’t mean that you should listen and follow each. With any car maintenance, check your owner’s manual for the car and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.


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