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Why Reporting Your Vehicle’s License Cancellation Or Change Of Ownership Is Important In Perth

If you are disposing of your vehicle or will no longer be its owner, it is important to cancel your Vehicle License or properly Transfer Ownership as soon as possible. If you don’t, whatever problems it runs into in the future may see you being the one getting fined. Luckily, you can cancel your Vehicle License at the Department of Transport Western Australia. You can also call 13 11 56.

Why People Cancel their Vehicle License in Perth, WA

Cancelling your vehicle license is common in Western Australia and can range from voluntary to cancellation due to issues related to the car.

A car owner’s vehicle license will often be canceled due to:

  • Voluntary vehicle cancellation
  • Their car is written-off
  • They have sold their car
  • They have given their car to a Car Wrecker
  • Their car has been involved in an accident
  • The car doesn’t adhere to Western Australia road and traffic policy



Vehicle License Cancellation Perth

Why It’s Important to Repot if You No Longer Own a Car?

If the right government department hasn’t been informed of your vehicle’s change of ownership (or disposal), then you may be held responsible for any issues it runs into.
Reasons it’s important to report the cancellation of your vehicle license include:

  • Its new operator may be involved in an unlawful activity
  • Its new operator may be involved in an accent
  • Its new operator may break road and traffic rules
  • The car may be written-off

How to Surrender Your Vehicle License Plates in Perth?

You can surrender your vehicle license plates to ‘Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or Regional Agent’ or have them mailed to:
Driver and Vehicle Services,
Returned Number Plates,
GPO Box R1290
Perth WA 6844

You can also apply for a Vehicle License Refund which can be given for reasons including concession, a car accident, a canceled car deal, a stolen vehicle and more.

How to Dispose of Your Unwanted Vehicle and Receive a Top Cash for Cars Payment?

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