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Disposing of Your Car in Western Australia? Here’s Why It’s Important to Cancel Your Vehicle License the Right Way

After disposing of your car, things aren’t done and dusted until you properly cancel your Vehicle License to the right authorities. In Western Australia, that authority is the Department of Transport Western Australia. Not doing so leaves you vulnerable to getting in trouble for anything a new operator does while driving it.

Western Australian motorists might cancel their Vehicle License because:

  • The car is sold
  • The car is handed over to an Auto Wrecker
  • The car is put in the written-off register
  • The car is stolen
  • Voluntary cancellation by the owner
  • And much more

How to Cancel Your Vehicle License in Western Australia

As we said, you can visit the Department of Transport Western Australia, or you can also call 13 11 56. Fortunately, the process is relatively easy. Part of the cancellation process also means surrendering your vehicle’s license plates which you can do by visiting your local Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or Regional Agent.

Alternatively, you can mail them to:

Driver and Vehicle Services,
Returned Number Plates,
GPO Box R1290Lea
Perth WA 6844

When surrendering your registration plates, you can also apply for a Vehicle License Refund. Reasons that make you eligible to apply for a refund include a car accident, canceled deal, concession, stolen vehicle and more.

Vehicle License Cancellation Perth

Why Not Cancelling Your Vehicle License in Western Australia Can Get You in Hot Water?

Any misuse of your vehicle after you’ve handed it over to someone else or disposed of it can see you being the one who gets fined if you don’t properly cancel your Vehicle License or transfer ownership. It can also be hard to prove that you weren’t responsible for any misuse of the vehicle, a process that can cost you a lot of money, time and stress.

Some reasons why not cancelling your Vehicle License can get you in trouble include:

  • The new driver breaks traffic and road rules
  • The new driver is involved in unlawful activities
  • The car involved in an accident
  • The car is driven while in the written-off register

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